Contribution Mapping on Housing, Land & Property (HLP) for NRC

Project Description

NRC aims to track the impact of its programs by assessing contribution to change and internal learning processes.  Among its Information, counselling and legal assistance (ICLA) objectives, one of NRC ‘sub core competency’ area is Housing, Land & Property (HLP). Selected by NRC as one of the global thematic reviews for 2019, IRMA was commissioned to undertake a Contribution Mapping.  The exercise entailed an in-depth-coding of 19 evaluations aligned with 25 elements making up the HLP Theory of Change, triangulated with the quantitative examination of internal monitoring data (3 years, 15 countries).

NRC will use findings to reflect on ICLA’s programming approach: outputs and outcomes, the need for collaboration/partnerships, NRC’s humanitarian role and how best to refine the HLP Theory of Change to produce more effective results, synergized with other programs.

About Project

  • Client: NRC