Evaluation of UNICEF Ecuador’s cash response to the Venezuelan Migration Crisis

Project Description

Between 2016 and November 2019, more than 4.6 million men, women, and children have left Venezuela. The humanitarian and economic and crisis into which the country continues to sink has driven them to seek a better life in neighbouring countries and beyond.

UNICEF Ecuador responded to the needs of children, young people and their families with an innovative cash and counselling program for those aiming to settle in Ecuador as well as to protect those trying to get to Chile or Peru.

IRMA carried out an evaluation of UNICEF Ecuador’s program, focusing on assessing its impact and generating lessons and recommendations for ongoing efforts to support migrant children, young people and their families.

IRMA’s team was Marilise Turnbull, Lezlie Moriniere, Sebastian Serrano and Albanys Cuauro.