Evaluation of Value for Money of Start Network Crisis Anticipation Window

Project Description

IRMA carried out the first evaluation of Start Network’s Anticipation Fund, an innovative Forecast-based Financing mechanism for local and national NGOs to access funds for early action. The evaluation sought to establishing the effectiveness and efficiency of the mechanism, with a focus on ‘Value for Money’.

Our team included three national researchers in Somalia, Nigeria and Sri Lanka, who engaged with local stakeholders and community members in the areas where crises were forecast and funds were disbursed, to hear their  views.

The research also highlighted the gender dimensions of pre-crisis assessments and examined how gender played a role in the types of early warning signs that were evident in at-risk communities.  

IRMA’s team was Lezlie Moriniere, Marilise Turnbull, Arielle Tozier de la Poterie, Samantha Pathirathna MD and Andrew Gwaivangmin.