Gender mainstreaming for African Risk Capacity (ARC)

Project Description

The African Risk Capacity (ARC), a Specialized Agency of the African Union, enables African governments to access rapid financing to protect the food security and livelihoods of their vulnerable populations in extreme weather events.

ARC engaged IRMA to guide and support the roll-out of its gender mainstreaming strategy. This multi-faceted assignment includes:

  • Designing and delivering training to ARC staff and African countries’ governments on Gender and DRM
  • Producing guidance on gender and DRM for thematic and operational teams across the organisation
  • Research to determine the feasibility of a gender-transformative fund
  • Developing a virtual resource centre for gender and DRM, and
  • Advising key countries on their gender and DRM strategies and policies.

IRMA’s team is Marilise Turnbull, Lezlie Moriniere, Sohna Ngum and Marko Lesukat.