IFRC/Better Programming Initiative (BPI)

Project Description

In 2020, the IFRC commissioned IRMA to develop the BPI Training Programme in collaboration with the Swedish Red Cross. The purpose of the training is to support participants to navigate many evolving dynamics while carefully promoting conflict sensitive program management (CSPM). The core elements of BPI are:

  • Community Engagement
  • The original Do No Harm principle, and
  • A thorough and iterative context analysis with consideration for influential dynamics and a focus on conflict-sensitivity.

While Conflict Sensitivity remains at the heart of this approach, BPI expands to include other rapidly changing dynamics (gender and diversity, climate change, access, migration and urbanization) as integrated parts of IFRC’s work in enhancing community resilience, together with a broader approach to do no harm through operationalization and adherence to humanitarian principles, protection mainstreaming and accountability to affected populations.

IRMA’s team for this project is Lezlie Moriniere and Shannon Brakebill.