IRMA conducts “Environmental Considerations in Humanitarian Response” Training of Trainers for International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Project Description

As part of our continuous technical support to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Guatemala, IRMA designed and conducted the first round of a “Training of Trainers” on the incorporation of environmental considerations in humanitarian response to population displacement in Guatemala. Following a positive evaluation of the first round, IRMA conducted a second round of the training in November 2021.

The training, which was provided in Spanish, aimed to:

  • Strengthen participants’ knowledge about environmental impacts resulting from humanitarian response to migration,
  • Develop participants’ capacities to identify ways to prevent and mitigate such impacts,
  • Equip participants with resources and techniques to replicate the training within their respective institutions.

Each session applied an environmental lens to assess unintended negative impacts resulting from humanitarian responses in shelter, WASH, health and well-being, food, livelihoods, gender, and protection programming. Critical thinking exercises, the use of visual and game-like applications (Miro, Kahoot), and a peer-to-peer learning approach encouraged and sustained participant engagement and interest.

The course culminated in a virtual simulation of a humanitarian response to a sudden, massive migration flow. Participants tested their newly acquired knowledge and skills to design and deliver an environmentally responsible response.

The training was led by IRMA partner Marilise Turnbull, with research and technical support from Chandler Smith.