Linking Early Warning Systems to Forecast Based Financing (IFRC)

Project Description

Commissioned by IFRC, IRMA explored how best to link two key mechanisms thoroughly embedded in Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) practice: community early warning and forecast-based financing (FbF).  We started by establishing a global foundation of documented Early Warning System (EWS) actions and learning (at all levels) and overlaid the existing approximately 25 countries with active FbF efforts.

Three case studies (Bangladesh, Niger and Costa Rica) provided rich field evidence to triangulate with the Systematic Literature Review and surveys of RC practitioners (October 2021 through June 2021).

IRMA’s team for this project is Lezlie Moriniere, Martha Cifuentes, Ginna Rakotoarimanana, Chandler Smith and Arielle Tozier de la Poterie.