‘Operationalizing’ Fragility Concepts (MIHR)

Project Description

Photo credit: courtesy of Stuart Price (AU-UN IST PHOTO).

During 2022, Momentum Integrated Health Resilience (MIHR) commissioned IRMA consultants to provide support in Understanding Health and Fragility from a Systems Perspective. Building on this work, in 2023 MIHR further engaged IRMA in a series of projects including:

  • Mapping MIHR assessment tools in relation to how they support programming in relation to fragility, risk and resilience;
  • Providing input on how to approach fragility and the relationship between fragility, risk and resilience for MIHR’s Health Resilience Guidance;
  • Developing guidance for a Do No Harm approach for health resilience programming in fragile settings (“Conflict Sensitivity +”), expanding on traditional conflict sensitivity to consider the possible negative and positive impacts on fragility drivers and triggers;
  • A webinar on ‘Understanding Fragility and Why It Matters for Health Resilience’; and
  • Developing a fragility synthesis guidance to support country offices in identifying current and past shocks/stressors and stresses; understanding the dynamics of fragility; and identifying drivers, trigger points and impacts.

IRMA’s team for this assignment was Hannah Vaughan-Lee and Lezlie Morinière.