Paris Saint Germain/Science Po: Launch of 20hr Module on Disaster Risk Management

Project Description

IRMA has been invited to teach a 5th Year Masters students  attending the St. Germain (France) Institut d’etudes politiques (IEP) Master Politiques de coopération internationale.

This 20-hour course provided students with a solid introduction to climate/crisis and disaster risk management (RM). It was structured tightly around the 4 main yet overlapping spheres of RM (prevention / preparedness / response and recovery) and the 3 components of risk (hazard / exposure / vulnerability) to provide a strong initiation into the topic.

Students were put into four teams, each of which will take on the role of 1 donor to build an effective RM program in one country (4 different continents), focused largely on 1 type of hazard (natural / conflict / health / techno, but set as appropriate in a multi-hazard dynamic).

Final grades were given by a panel of experts based on team presentations of each RM program–judging how well risk is likely to be “managed” (prevented / transferred / reduced/managed, etc.).