Providing guidance for pandemic-proof disaster and climate risk reduction within the IFRC

Project Description

Serving as a DRM leader for the humanitarian and development community for decades,  experience has directed the IFRC to anticipate disasters and risks, rather than solely respond. Yet, as for most of the world, COVID-19 took the IFRC by surprise and the delivery of services to communities was slowed.

Since, the IFRC Strategy 2030 plans to significantly invest in “epidemic and pandemic preparedness building trust, ownership and engagement and placing communities at the centre” and across the world, RCRC is already rethinking its programmes based on the COVID-19 experience.

To support this shift, IRMA provided guidance to IFRC to adapt , or “Pandemic-proof” 9 keystone preparedness product lines including the EVCA, Road map to Resilience, CEWS, FbF, CBDRR, urban DRR, communication and climate-related tools. 

IRMA’s team for this project is Lezlie C. Moriniere, Marilise Turnbull and Sehdia Mansaray with the advisory of Dr. Carlos Mansilla.