Road Map to Community Resilience for the IFRC

Project Description

In 2016, IFRC commissioned IRMA to produce operational guidance on how to strengthen the resilience of the communities where it works. The guidance – called Road Map to Community Resilience (available in multiple languages)– takes National Societies through a step by step process to engage with communities and support them to carry out their own risk assessments and produce a risk-informed action plan.

After developing the guidance, Lezlie and Marilise were instrumental in supporting IFRC to roll out the Training of Trainers in various zones: Korea (March 2017), Panama (May 2017), Addis Ababa (Sept 2017), Kathmandu (April 2018) and Brussels for Francophone trainers (June 2018). With each iteration, Marilise and Lezlie enhanced the tools, adding interactive games and applications that can be readily contextualized across the globe. A Lessons-Learned workshop was held in 2019.

In 2020, the IFRC decided to invest in a consolidation of VCA and R2R.  The aim is to retain the enhanced legacy of the Movement’s tool (now called enhanced VCA. or EVCA) and to embed it in the resilience journey. IRMA was commissioned to oversee this work and process, including the preparation of an “R2R via EVCA” website. 

About Project

  • Client: IFRC