Training on Health Resilience for GOAL (MIHR)

Project Description

Funded by USAID, Momentum Integrated Health Resilience (MIHR) is engaged in strengthening Health Resilience in fragile settings to support “people, households, communities, systems, and countries to mitigate, adapt to, and recover from shocks and stresses, in a manner that reduces acute and chronic vulnerabilities, and facilitates equitable health outcomes” (USAID).

As the lead technical specialist on Health Resilience within the MIHR consortium, GOAL has been drawing on their strong record of innovative approaches to resilience-building, including the Resilience for Social Systems (R4S) Approach and Resilience Framework. GOAL has been developing a suite of Health Resilience tools that have been rolled out in MIHR country offices.

In support of this, GOAL commissioned IRMA consultants to develop a comprehensive two-day participatory training package. The training provides participants with an introduction to key concepts such as resilience, health resilience, resilience capacities and levels, resilience pathways, early warning systems and the processes through which health resilience can be assessed and measured and how risk scenarios and health resilience strategies can be developed and monitored.

IRMA’s team for this assignment was Hannah Vaughan-Lee, Lezlie Moriniere and Marilise Turnbull.