External Evaluation of CaLP’s GFFO-funded Programme 2016-18 and Baseline for 2018-20 / provide the foundations to strengthen CaLP’s global approach to MEAL

Project Description

Since its establishment in 2005, CaLP has been at the forefront of promoting and improving cash transfer programming (CTP) across the humanitarian sector. CaLP helps humanitarian agencies deliver on their major commitments to improve cash transfer programming, which are consolidated in the Global Framework for Action. The work of CaLP’s secretariat is summarised in four strategic objectives: Capacity Building, Knowledge Management & Research, Coordination and Policy.

IRMA was commissioned to evaluate CaLP’s German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO)-funded 2016-18 programme. The IRMA team for this consultancy was composed of Marilise and IRMA Associates Floor Grootenhuis (Senior CTP & EFSVL Expert), Neda Pencheva (Humanitarian Researcher), and Josephine Hutton (Senior Humanitarian Researcher).

The team developed recommendations on the strategic direction of CaLP’s work in the Middle East and recommendations related to its four strategic areas of work. The team conducted a baseline for CaLP’s future GFFO-funded work (2018-2020 programme), based on the above-mentioned Global Framework for Action, and regionally-specific priorities/measures of progress in the GFFO proposal and/or identified by regional stakeholders.


This consultancy was overall an opportunity to refine existing tools and provide broader recommendations to CaLP for the strengthening of its Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL) approaches.

About Project

  • Client: CaLP