WFP Algeria/Country Strategic Programme Evaluation (CSPE)

Project Description

IRMA led the first fully remote evaluation by design: WFP/Algeria’s Country Strategic Programme Evaluation under Particip (January to October 2021), Anchored in World Food Programme’s Evaluation standards and processes, we managed a team of evaluators from more than 11,100 km away.

As all standard methods (Systematic Literature Review, Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group Discussion, photo voice and in-depth home visits) and common Quality Assurance mechanisms were employed, remote management was the only thing out of the ordinary. To compensate for the distance, the team held intensive virtual triangulation sessions after every camp visit and engaged in participatory write-shops to prepare the report. Workshops with the country team and partners are imminent (October 2021).

IRMA’s team for this project is Lezlie Moriniere (Team Leader) with the kind assistance of Chandler Smith for the Theory of Change.